nábytková farma o nás tým obchodu s bazarovým nábytkem v obrazu se zlatým rámem Kralupy nad Vltavou Praha

We are a furniture farm

From furniture, to household items and decorations, something is guaranteed to catch your eye within our hundred-year old barn. Whether you are looking for Czech or English furniture, modern, retro or antique pieces, a table for a hundred korun, or a beautiful chest of drawers for several thousand. Our barn is an ideal place for hunters of bargain shopping and exceptional treasures. You will find everything lovingly checked, cared for and ready to shine in your home. If required, we can deliver and move the furniture upon agreement.

All proceeds from the sale go primarily to the treatment of men and women from addiction and to the support of prevention programs at elementary schools. Everyone who donates or comes to buy from us, is helping our cause.

(Public collection: File no. S -MHMP / 62333/2017 File no. 174942/2017)

Of the 7 days, it was 7 years

Why did we start a charity shop?

Some things don’t just happen by chance. Many years ago, on one fine day, we found ourselves entering the Betel addiction treatment community in the UK.


What originally was planned to be a weekly visit eventually turned into seven years, during which time we went through a study and training program in two communities, as well as completing a one-year internship in Russia. The connection between addiction treatment and meaningful work around furniture during this time had taken to our heart.


People once on the fringes of society are now skilled craftsmen, doing things that surprised them and gave them meaning to their life. Bétel, financed from the proceeds of the Furniture Farm, operates on the principle of a self-help community, where its members help each other. Experienced members help newcomers, teaching them the craft, and passing on their experience.


The parallel between saving furniture and life is the image that remains with us. We save furniture, we give it new life, we find it a new home and it serves, works and brings joy to those around it. It’s similar in the lives of the people we help. From the street and out of despair, to a new environment with a new beginning, brings stronger motivation and deeper meaning.


Petr and Veronika Tiší

How it works

In addition to the shop with second-hand furniture and home accessories, we also provide a number of different services. We move, clear, renovate, and upholster,… In this short video you can get acquainted with our services.

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a podpořte nás

Our farming team

We are here for you

At the Furniture Farm, people who are being treated for addiction in the Bétel community work alongside our employees. Everyone plays an important role and is in charge of different parts of the process; from the selection and acceptance of goods, washing and repairs, storage and arranging, photography on our website, to the actual sale of the product.


Our salesmen inspect the furniture, clean it, and give it a piece of their love and care, all in order that it can continue to serve and make people happy. Each of our staff have also undergone a likewise small and bold reconstruction themselves. This second chance to be accepted by others, and the opportunity to be useful for others, has given the men and women on our team the courage, confidence, and belief that their lives can change and make a difference. They take it with determination and to the fullest.

The permanent members of the team are:


Petr, Adam, Vítek, Kate, Veronika, Iva, Jirka a Lukáš