We are a charity shop

in a stylish barn. We sell furniture, decorations and household items.  You can find here various pieces ranging from a simple table for a hundred Crowns to a beautiful rustic piece for several thousand. Come along and have a look.

All the proceeds go towards our charity. We help the homeless and addicted to start a fresh and change their lifestyle.

We sell second-hand furniture and other treasures

In our barn you will find Czech and English furniture from many different styles, materials and sizes.

We pick up donated furniture and home accessories

Donate furniture and household equipment to us that you no longer use.

We repair furniture, move furniture and we can do more

Have a look at our services and see what we can help you with. We can do a lot.

Current offer this week

Here you can see new pieces that we currently have in stock. All furniture and decorations in the photos can be booked over the phone with our shop keepers.

The sofa with stool for 7 500 CZK
Sofa (l270 x d106 x h80)
Stool (w65 x d65 x h43)
Glass swans

The set of the glass swans 7pcs for 999 CZK

Dining table
The folding dining table for 2990 CZK (w80/120 x d70 x h75)

For more information call

Why buy from us

Come and visit our barn and discover what types of furniture and home accessories you can buy from us. Meet our shop keepers who will be happy to help you with any questions.

Donate furniture that you no longer use


If you would like to donate furniture to us, send us an email with a photo and suggestions of possible dates when we can come and pick it up.


If we can sell the furniture in our store, then we will be more than happy to collect it as soon as possible so that you have no worries or work to do.


You can easily donate things that would be difficult and costly to get rid of and at the same time help people in need. The good feeling from helping others will be your reward!!

We will pick up furniture and home accessories free of charge

When you buy from us

It will not only bring you joy but it will also help our charity where it is much needed.

You get original designer furniture

For a fraction of its original price.

You will support the abstinence of addicts

Proceeds go to the operation of the Bétel community

You will support prevention in schools

We co-finance preventive programs at elementary schools.

You will support nature protection

By recycling furniture, you save the environment.

Current information and behind-the-scenes gossip (changes in opening hours, discounts, news and offers).