How to buy



Who we are


Furniture farm is a charity shop which belongs to the non-profit organization BÉTEL CZ zs. Our shop is located at U Hřbitova 939, Kralupy nad Vltavou, 27801. Public collection: Sp. zn. S-MHMP / 62333/2017 Ref. 174942/2017. And our registered office is located at Při trati 1233/10, Prague 41 – Michle, 141 00, ID number: 26983982.



How we work


Whether donating goods or buying from our shop – you are helping us! 90% of all our proceeds; furniture, household items and decorations, go directly towards helping our charity – the operation of a residential community for addiction treatment and prevention programs within primary schools.



What we sell


All furniture, accessories and decorations we sell are second hand, NOT NEW, so different levels of wear can be expected. However, everything that passes through our doors are thoroughly inspected and tested by our trained staff and can be used immediately for the purpose for which they are intended.



How to choose the right piece


When you shop with us, we kindly ask you to carefully inspect and test the goods before purchase. Scratches, small abrasions, stains, and cracks may sometimes be present, and unfortunately it is not always possible to determine whether the defects are due to the wear and tear of the goods in the original condition we received them in, or whether caused during transportation and subsequent use. Please do inspect and test beforehand areas such as the softness or hardness mattresses, seats and armchairs, wobbling of chair legs, and cracks that may be in the seams of fabric, etc.


We also kindly ask each customer to measure furniture before purchase to ensure that it will fit inside their home. A tape measurer is always available in our store with one of our members of staff, who will happily help you measure and if possible, load to your car.


Please make sure that you like the purchased item. If a customer changes their mind about a product after purchase, it will not be accepted as a reason for return.





All goods at Furniture Farm are clearly marked with their selling price. Prices are set carefully and according to the condition of the goods. Therefore, it is not possible to apply for a discount, on the basis of a fault or defect. The prices set will have already taken these into account.





Goods can be reserved in person or over the phone, for up to 24 hours.  In certain cases, it may be extended. However, if the reserved goods are not collected within 48 hours, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.



Exchange or return of goods


Because we sell second-hand goods, it is very unlikely that we have the same piece in stock. Replacing items is therefore unfortunately not possible.


Unfortunately, items purchased in our store cannot be returned unless they have a major defect that goes beyond the description of the purchase in the paragraph “How to choose correctly”.



Purchase of goods over the Internet


Our goods cannot be purchased over the Internet, nor can they be delivered to your address without being personally inspected first. Although we advertise our goods on our website, social networks and via sales portals, they can only be purchased in person at the Furniture Farm, where the condition can be checked beforehand. If you have found a piece on the Internet, you can book it by phone and come to the Furniture Farm to buy it in person.





Our goods can only be purchased in person and paid for in cash at the Furniture Farm.



Removal and storage of purchased goods


Unfortunately, we have very limited space inside the farm, and so purchased goods must either be taken immediately, or our transport can be arranged to deliver the goods for a specific date and time. Please note – we do not store paid goods without an agreed delivery date. If a date and time is agreed to transport the goods, but they are then not accepted, or nobody is at home, we will charge CZK 50 extra for each day the goods are stored.





Complaints can only be made for a maximum of 6 months from the date of purchase. Complaints cannot be made for wear and tear defects or goods for which a lower price has been agreed.



Complaints about home appliances and electronics


We occasionally sell home appliances and electronics, and when doing so, always at considerably low prices. We will test the goods beforehand, but not necessarily all of its functions. When selling the product, we will issue a warranty card. The warranty period for purchased goods is two days. If any products do not work as intended, you can bring them back within the next two days, and your money will be refunded immediately. Please note, the goods can only be returned with a valid warranty card and proof of payment. The warranty does not cover any form of wear and tear corresponding to the fact that it is already second-hand.