What gifts we accept

We are happy to welcome these nice and functional items

nábytková farma ikona křeslo


Sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables, coffee tables, ....

nábytková farma ikona lampa

Household utensils

Dishes, lamps, supplies for children,...

nábytková farma ikona jablko

Decorative items

Vases, bowls, paintings, ...

How to proceed when donating furniture

A detailed guide for those who want to donate furniture or home accessories

If you have furniture, decorative or household items that you no longer need, give us a call. We will be happy to come and collect it.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case: “One person’s waste, is another person’s treasure!”, And therefore we must assess in advance whether the furniture is sellable within our shop.

We would appreciate it if you would send photos of the furniture by email with an honest assessment of its condition to:  info@nabytkovafarma.cz


Based on the photos, we can only estimate the condition of the furniture. The final decision on whether we can accept the furniture is made by the driver upon receipt. If they are still considered suitable after assessment, we will take them free of charge and the furniture will be sold in our furniture farm. All proceeds are used to run the BÉTEL self-help community. We can take other unsellable pieces to the collection yard for a friendly fee.

Call us and we will make an appointment

Who do you help with donated furniture?

People who have fallen into addiction and decided to bounce back from the bottom and abstain.

Children in elementary schools who will learn in a fun way how to avoid addiction.

By donating furniture, you will help supply our charity shop with goods. 90% of the price of all the pieces sold goes to the Bétel self-help community, where people for addiction are treated. The community is completely independent of subsidies and is funded by the proceeds of the Furniture Farm and other social entrepreneurship. We also regularly support preventive programs at primary schools on a monthly basis.

Do you want to help the community Bétel differently?

We look forward to your donations

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